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25 years SNICK EuroIngredients

Knowledge & Expertise are Key to Success

Philippe Snick started his company in his far-famed garage in 1993 as a well-experienced master in food and flavour technology. 25 years later, our company has become a leading supplier and renowned knowledge centre for taste and texture ingredients in the Benelux. We have moved to a modern industrial property in 2014, including a state-of-the-art blending facility, an impressive warehouse and a complete application and development centre.

Experienced food technologists

Our team of experts and experienced food technologists is highly skilled in designing and developing the most suitable and ingenious solutions and applications for sweet and savoury foods. Driven by market trends, our team suggests versatile, convenient, natural, clean and clear label answers.

Single ingredients and blends

We offer a wide but consistent range of single ingredients from famous top principals such as Cargill, Biorigin, Shoda, DDW, Goodmills, Vitana and Cosucra. Equally important and unique are our own Ma Cuisine stocks, fonds and bouillons, Seazarome, seasonings, functional and culinary blends for all processed foods, meat products, bakery, dairy products and beverages.

In short, knowledge and expertise are the foundations on which SNICK EuroIngredients is built. Craftsmanship is Mastership! Indeed, we Master Taste & Texture like no one.


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