Vegetable proteins 


Vegetable proteins are gaining more and more importance today. We offer a varied range of high-quality vegetable proteins that can be used in vegan en vegetarian meat and fish alternatives.

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Vegetable proteins are an important source of essential amino acids. Moreover, you can use them to replace animal proteins and improve the texture of your product, for example, a meat substitute. In this way you can respond to all kinds of contemporary beliefs. 


Besides the classic forms of soy, wheat and pea proteins, we also offer textured vegetable proteins. The latter are made from protein-rich raw materials and contain a high content of flavorful amino acids. They are available in powder, paste and liquid form


Discover our wide range of vegetable proteins 


We cooperate with prominent partners to guarantee a wide range of vegetable proteins.

Make your choice from our extensive range or contact our food technologists to develop a customized product with vegetable proteins.


HVP| hydrolyzed vegetable protein

HVP| hydrolyzed vegetable protein

Hydrolysed vegetable proteins are produced from high-protein raw materials. The HVP's consist of a high content of flavouring amino acids. They are used as a flavour enhancer in various processed foods such as soups, sauces, stocks, ready-to-use dishes,...

Below, you can find a part of our range (powder, liquid and paste):

  • Soy HVP
  • Rapeseed HVP
  • Corn HVP
  • Wheat HVP
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Vegetable proteins

Vegetable proteins

SNICK EuroIngredients has put together a range of vegetable proteins. 

Soy protein: Provides a very good fibrous structure and is widely available due to the global supply.
Pea protein: High quality protein, with a minimum protein content of 80% with no allergen declaration required. Easily digestible with a wide functionality, from providing solubility, emulsifying and binding properties, to improving texture and mouth feel.
Wheat protein: Gluvital® vital wheat gluten is the insoluble protein fraction of wheat flour. It is distinguished from other vegetable proteins by its unique viscoelastic properties. It is mainly used in pasta and baked goods but is also suitable for snacks and breakfast cereals.
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TVP| Texturized vegetable proteins

TVP| Texturized vegetable proteins

The fibrous structure of textured proteins is reminiscent of meat. It is therefore often used in meat replacement products such as burgers, nuggets and other snacks. The meaty structure is obtained by extrusion. Our TVP comes from soya, wheat or pea, whereby the proteins are pressed through a mould under pressure and high temperature. In this way, we obtain the desired structure in different shapes and sizes, depending on the desired application.

Request our catalogue and find out which TVP is suitable for your product.

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Vegetable proteins according to the taste of your customer 

Are you looking for vegetable proteins that meet the specific requirements or expectations of your customer? Our experienced team of food technologists know what to do. 

Choose the vegetable proteins that suit your needs 


Are you unsure which vegetable protein is best for your 

  • food product 
  • composition 

  • production process 
  • budget

Our food technologists will be happy to assist you in your choice.  

Keep up with recent trends 

With our vegetable proteins, you respond to trends such as: 

  • vegetarian and vegan 
  • natural products 

  • meat substitutes 
  • clean label 

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