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Meat and Fish: ingrediëten and blends

Meat, fish or poultry: for the majority of consumers, these food items are on the menu almost every day. As a food producer you want to offer them high-quality products with a taste, texture and functionality that is just right. Our ingredients for meat, fish and poultry will help you with that.


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Ready meals: ingredients en blends

Want to serve your customer a restaurant-worthy meal? You can do that with ready-made meals, soups, sauces or prepared vegetables that are ready quickly, taste delicious and are sustainably produced. Our ingredients and ready-to-use mixes for the food industry make it easy for you.


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Plant-based and Vegetarian:

ingredients and blends 


Plant-based products are no longer just for vegetarians. Consumers who pay a lot of attention to a healthy and varied diet are also increasingly turning to meat and protein substitutes. With our ingredients, your product meets the growing demand for tasty plant-based and vegetarian food packed with vegetable proteins. 


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Sauces, Soups and Dressings: ingredients and blends

Sauces, soups and dressings are popular in every kitchen: you can have endless variations and combine ingredients. Besides a delicious taste, your customer also wants his sauce, soup or dressing to look good and stay fresh for a long time. Our ingredients and mixes tailored to the food industry will help you do that.   


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Dairy and Desserts: ingredients and blends

Dairy is an essential ingredient in many desserts and sweet drinks. With our ready-to-use mixes tailored to the food industry, you can prepare dairy products in no time and  your customer can't resist it: more flavor and fiber, less fat and calories. Sweet, but not a sin 


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Bakery and Pastry: ingredients and blends

From a loaf of bread to sweet pastries or beautifully decorated cakes, quality bakery and pastry products taste great all the time - not just on Sundays. The best taste, functionality and texture? We blend high-quality ingredients with our expertise to create the ideal raw materials for professional bakeries. 


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