Sustainability at Snick

    Sustainability has been a top priority at Snick EuroIngredients for quite some time. In 2021, the first steps towards this laureate were taken through the declaration of intent for the sustainability charter in 2022. This requires 10 successful actions, each of which focuses on one or more of the SDGs.
    Snick EuroIngredients can proudly say that this has been achieved in the 2022-2023 working year. For this, Snick EuroIngredients received the laureate for the VOKA sustainability charter.

    This charter is based on the 17 sustainability goals (SDGs) that the United Nations wants to achieve. By working with the SDGs as a guideline, Snick is committed to creating broad support and making progress on an economic, sociological and ecological level.


    Snick is also part of Acomo. You can find the developments in sustainability here in the annual report: 

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    Internal projects

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    Focus on local projects and our own employees

    To this end, Snick has taken various actions in different areas:

    Personnel: investments were made in various lifting aids throughout production. This relieves the staff of heavy lifting movements and ensures that the staff remains in better physical condition. After all, a healthy mind always resides in a healthy body.

    Environment: investments were also made in lighting within Snick. Last summer, all fluorescent lamps in the warehouse were replaced by LED lamps. These lamps are more sustainable for the environment and provide more and brighter light. The latter has a positive effect for the staff, which greatly reduces the risk of adverse effects such as headaches.

    Ecological: more waste flows are recycled. Previously, the press container was used too much. PMD rubbish bins have now also been installed in the refectory. This ensures that more recycling of the various waste streams is possible.

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    In the future, Snick wants to make further efforts to further develop sustainability. Several new projects are already in the pipeline!

    • Provide fruit at work every week
    • Switch drinking water from bottled water to tap water with filters
    • Further improve ergonomics throughout the site
    • Remake of the refectory so that the staff can relax more

    Sustainability mission & vision

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    At Snick EuroIngredients we strive to play a leading role in the food industry by embracing sustainability as a core principle. Our mission is to provide high-quality food products that not only satisfy our customers' taste buds, but also respect the health of the planet and its inhabitants. We strive to produce responsibly and have a positive impact on both the environment and the communities in which we operate.

    At Snick EuroIngredients we believe in a future where food is not only nutritious and delicious, but also nourishes the earth. Our vision is to create a sustainable food system in which natural resources are protected, biodiversity is promoted and the ecological footprint of our activities is minimal. We strive for a world in which all links in the food chain, from farmer to consumer, work together to maintain a healthy planet for generations to come.


    Snick pursues several long-term objectives:

    GHG emission reduction versus 2022

    • 2030: 30% reduction
    • 2050: 100% reduction

    Improve waste recycling

    • 2026: 45%
    • 2030: 60%

    Supplier social and environmental audits

    • 2026: 35%
    • 2030: 50%

    To this end, Snick works with a number of Core SDGs that are closest to Snick's values to increase the well-being of employees:

    - SDG 03: Good health & well-being

    => Snick strives to create the best possible working environment for its employees. This includes ergonomic workplaces, promoting healthy lifestyles, ... Every year Snick looks for ways to further improve and optimize this. After all, a healthy and happy employee is an added value and worth the investment.

    - SDG 04: Quality Education

    => Snick provides an extensive training offer to all its employees. This is to gather both theoretical and practical knowledge for all levels of the company.


    => The goal is to strive to the principles of the Great Place To Work model:

    Would you like to know more about the sustainability policy at SNICK EuroIngredients?

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