Natural colourings


Natural coulourings are ingredients, extracted from plant, microbial or mineral sources. They give foods a longer and eventually increased colour formation and stability, which becomes an important item due to the continuously increasing requirements for shelf life and visual representation.

SNICK EuroIngredients has a complete colour range of natural colourings, including: 

o.a. Anthocyanin, Beetroot red, Turmeric, Carotenoids, Lutein, Caramel...

Colouring foods fruit

Colouring foods


Colouring foods are clean label ingredients that naturally add colour to food and drinks. They are derived from edible fruits, vegetables, flowers, algae and spices that have been processed without the use of chemicals or solvents to selectively extract the pigments. 

SNICK EuroIngredients has a complete colour range of natural colourings, including:

o.a Algae, Radish, Pepper, Carrot, Turmeric, Tomato... 


Bring colour to your taste experience


Consumers place visual appearance and colour above other factors when shopping. How a product looks affects the consumer's purchase and even influences the taste experience of food and beverages.

As many as 85% of consumers see colour as a primary reason why they buy a product in the shop.

By extracting natural colours from fruit, vegetables and other natural sources, we offer simple and clearer ingredient declarations that consumers understand

Discover our wide range of natural colourings 

At SNICK EuroIngredients we offer the whole spectrum of colours, from orange to blue and from red to green... 

Make your choice from our extensive range or contact our food technologists to look at your needs together and optimise your product.