Ready meals: Ingredients and mixes

Want to serve your customer a restaurant-worthy meal? You can do that with ready-made meals, soups, sauces or prepared vegetables that are ready quickly, taste delicious and are sustainably produced. Our ingredients and ready-to-use mixes for the food industry make it easy for you. 

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Ease of use without sacrificing quality 


Your ready meal should be on the table quickly in the first place? Well, consumers prefer to choose healthier varieties without added sugars, preservatives and fats.  

 With our spice mixes, functional and flavorful ingredients, you keep ready meals simple, choose sustainable raw materials and save time and money during the production process


Discover our wide range of ingredients for ready meals 

At SNICK EuroIngredients, we offer culinary and functional ingredients that refine your ready meals

Choose from our extensive range of ingredients, blends and ready-to-eat compounds. Or contact our food technologists to develop a customized product or optimize your food product. 

Ready-made, tailored to your consumer’s taste 

With ingredients or ready-made blends tailored to your needs, your product meets specific requirements. Our experienced team of food technologists knows what to do. 

Tailor-made blends

We provide customization based on: 

  • taste profile 
  • texture 
  • color 
  • preservation 

  • declaration 
  • nutritional value 
  • allergens 

Custom product developement? 

That too is possible! Work together with our food technologists. They add a touch of innovation to every ready meal product, just the way you and your customer want it.  

 Get in touch quickly. We would be happy to help you further.

Keep up with the latest trends 

With our ingredients, you respond to trends such as: 

  •  no added sugars 
  •  without preservatives 
  •  high-fiber diet 

  • vegetarian and vegan 
  •  non-GMO 
  •  clean label 

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