Cargill provides food and beverage manufacturers, foodservice companies and retailers with high-quality and health-promoting ingredients and ingredient systems. SNICK EuroIngredients is Cargill's partner to distribute starches, sweeteners, lecithins, hydrocolloids and functional systems in the Benelux.


Biorigin´s food portfolio includes yeast extracts, yeast derivatives and natural flavours that can be used in a wide range of applications. This helps to develop the overall taste of formulated foods delivering savoury, body, mouthfeel and umami. Biorigin also offers solutions for sodium reduction, flavour masking and nutritional value of an end product. Its natural ingredients are the right choice for companies that are looking for solutions to clean label, natural and health solutions. All ingredients are therefore non-GMO and are sustainable. SNICK EuroIngredients is Biorigin's distributor for the Benelux. 



DDW is the world leader in natural colours, colouring foods, caramel colours and burnt sugars for food and beverage products. SNICK EuroIngredients is DDW's distributor for the Benelux.

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Seagarden is a food manufacturer specialised in marine ingredients such as fish and seafood powder and collagen for use in food, sports nutrition, health foods, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. SNICK EuroIngredients is Seagardens distributor for the Benelux.



GoodMills' product range includes several various products ranging from traditionally milled grain products to process-optimised specialty grain products, as well as specific grain products with their own health benefits and high functional HT flours.

SNICK EuroIngredients is GoodMills' distributor for the Benelux.



Senson offers a wide range of liquid malt products and application solutions in the beverage and food industry. Their products are used to improve the sensory quality, nutritional profile and production efficiency. Senson offers both ready-to-use solutions as well as customer-specific products.

SNICK EuroIngredients is Senson's distributor for the Benelux.



Tipiak  -the Tapioca expert since 1967 - produces in France Tapiocaline®, a unique range of 100% Tapioca texturizers. Tapiocaline® are powerfull clean label non GMO water binders. They  mimic fat and are unique texture improvers. Tapiocaline® are colourless and taste free, and also available in gluten free organic quality.

SNICK EuroIngredients is Tipiak's distributor for the Benelux.



Algaia offers sustainably produced natural alginate. It can be used as a powerful thickening agent, gelling agent, emulsifier, stabilizer or moisture retainer in a wide range of applications. Algaia offers a wide portfolio of texturizing solutions and specialty seaweed extracts alginate.

SNICK EuroIngredients is Algaia's distributor for the Benelux. 



Orkla - Vitana is the European market leader in HVP (Hydrolyzed Vegetable Proteins) and beef extract powder.

SNICK EuroIngredients is Vitana's distributor for the Benelux. 





Prosol S.p.a. focuses on the production of innovative ingredients for the food industry. Prosol is among the world leading producers of ribonucleic acid (RNA) and the only one in Europe. They project specific solutions for their partners and customers by adding nutritional and functional value to their products through the development of innovative ingredients.



Shoda Shoyu produces various sauce products including the well-known soy sauce. They boast a thorough quality assurance system that allows them to supply high-quality products in a safe and stable manner.



Hanamaruki is producer of the traditional Japanese miso. 
It started over 100 years ago in Japan, after which it grew into a global player.

Nowadays the name Hanamaruki is synonymous with miso.

SNICK EuroIngredients is Hanamaruki's distributor for the Benelux.

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Partner-M's main activity is concentrated on the processing of vegetable raw materials. In particular the textured vegetable proteins (TVP).

SNICK EuroIngredients is Partner-M's distributor for the Benelux.

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Custom food group logo

Custom food group is an international group from Malaysia. They are a producer of high fat powder with which they can reach high fat contents thanks to their spray-drying technology.

SNICK EuroIngredients is the distributor for the Benelux.

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Cosucra logo

Cosucra: this Belgian producer has been processing natural ingredients since 1852.

Within their product range we find the following products: Pisane® - pea protein isolate, Swelite® - pea fibre, Nastar® - native pea starch.

SNICK EuroIngredients is the distributor for the Benelux.

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