Starches and derivatives

Starches serve well as gelling, thickening or binding agents in soups, sauces, dairy products, bread and meat. They are budget-friendly and versatile ingredients that give your product the viscosity and texture you want. Modified starches, such as modified corn starch, also increase the stability of a variety of preparations.

Discover our wide range of starches


Our wide selection of starches and derivatives is suitable for a variety of food products.

Choose from the range of native starches and modified starches. A few specialty starches complete our range: spray-dried glucose and maltodextrin, by-products used primarily as bulking agents to add dry ingredients to food applications.


Native starch

Native starch

Native starch can be extracted from many vegetable origins. They are insoluble in cold water and swell to varying degrees depending on the temperature used. Native starches have very good thickening, gelling, moisture retention and anti-clumping properties.They are used for texture formation and bonding and are therefore applicable in several food industry applications. They can also be offered in an instant version.

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Modified starch

Modified starch

Modified starches are developed when the functional properties of the native starch do not achieve the requirements of the desired end product. The most common type of starch modification is the treatment of native starch with small amounts of approved reagents. This can influence many properties of native starches, including their viscosity, gelatinization temperature, colloidal properties, freeze-thaw stability and resistance to acid and shear conditions.

A selection from our range:

- texturising acetylated starches with high viscosity, exceptional freeze-thaw stability and resistance to acids and shear conditions.

- highly stable texturising hydroxypropyl starches that offer viscosity, exceptional stability (heat/acid/thaw) and improved gloss for end-product applications.

- starch with a core that provide viscosity and stability in a wide range of processing conditions (from mild to heavy).

- highly stable texturising starches based on tapioca that provide viscosity, exceptional stability (heat/acid/freeze-thaw) and a clean and creamy mouthfeel.

- functional cold water swelling starches that have been agglomerated to improve handing and dispersion whilst delivering exceptional stability and instant viscosity.

- Is designed to give food and beverages an extra pulpy texture. It can be used to make the product more visually appealing.

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Maltodextrins and dried glucose syrup are being created while converting starches to dextrose. These products are mainly applied as 'bulking agents' to add dry substances in several food applications. 

  • Dextrose is derived from maize starch and, due to its functional, sensory and nutritional properties, has become an essential ingredient in a wide range of food and beverage applications.
  • Dried glucose sprays are obtained by enzymatic conversion of ordinary cornstarch. Its functional properties are mainly: Good dispersibility, solubility and binding. Also inhibits sugar crystallisation.
  • Spray-dried maltodextrin is obtained by enzymatic conversion of maize starch. 
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Achieve the desired thickness and texture

Starches and derivatives make your product bind better, have a fuller texture, great appearance and are easier to process. Thanks to this versatility of functions, they are multifunctional ingredients in all sectors of the food industry.

To also increase the stability of your final product, there is modified starch, tailored to your requirements. For example, specific treatments improve the viscosity, gelling temperature or freeze-thaw stability of your final product, or make it resistant to acids, high temperatures or movements associated with the production process.


Starches and derivatives that suit your customer’s taste


Are you looking for starches or derivatives that meet specific requirements or the expectations of your consumer? Our experienced team of food technologists knows what to do.

Customized Starches

Are you unsure which starch or derivative from the range is best for your:

  •  food product
  • composition
  • budget
  • production process
  •  …?

Our food technologists will be pleased to assist you in your choice.

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