The quality of SNICK?

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Premium quality ingredients


At Snick Euroingrediets only the best is good enough for your food product, without compromise. After all, quality is what your consumer expects. It makes or breaks your product and allows your business to grow. 


Quality is, therefore, the top priority for all our products and our custom work. Discover our certificates that confirm this. 

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How do we guarantee the best quality? 

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Embedded knowledge and expertise 


Since 1993, SNICK EuroIngredients has been developing ingredients that improve the taste experience and functionality of food products. Meanwhile, we have built up extensive knowledge and expertise with food ingredients, food technology, consumer preferences and production processes.  


We invest heavily in research and development: an absolute must in our trend-sensitive and rapidly changing market. We always strive for the best quality for our ingredients and your end product

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Safe and reliable production process 

Quality control, safety and traceability are indispensable to meet all the strict requirements of the food industry. Both our employees and our suppliers consistently follow our quality policy throughout the production process.  

Our modern production facility in Ruddervoorde is also equipped with state-of-the-art equipment which allows us to develop, test and approve your ingredients very precisely. Ready to deliver at the moment you need them.  

And with intelligent software systems (ERP, PLM and WMS) we easily track and trace each product through the various stages of the production, processing and distribution process.

Certificates in all scents and colours

Quality is a top priority at SNICK EuroIngredients. Our numerous certificates are the best proof of this.

BRC Food Safety

We are BRC food certified. All of our products are certified for the BRC standard

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We are organic certified. Ask for our organic-certified products.

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We are a MSC-certified company. Ask for our MSC-certified products.

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We are RSPO certified. Ask for our RSPO-certified products. 

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We are Halal certified company. Ask for our Halal-certified products.

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We are Kosher certified. Ask for our Kosher-certified products.

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In 2022 Snick made a commitment to fulfill the 17 SDG's of the United Nations

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Feed Chain Alliance

We are Feed Chain Alliance certified. Ask for our FCA-certified products.

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BRC Storage & distribution

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Would you like to know more about the quality guarantee of SNICK EuroIngredients?

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