Yeast extracts

Yeast extracts add a savoury, full-bodied or natural umami flavour to all kinds of preparations such as soups, sauces, marinades, meat and plant-based foods. In addition, they provide a lower salt content and a higher nutritional value. We offer yeast extracts of natural origin that effortlessly match the powerful taste of meat stocks.

yeast in soup

Natural, versatile and full of flavour 

Use yeast extracts to refine the flavour profile of your product and create a savoury, full-bodied or umami flavour. With just a small amount, you can already match the pronounced notes of a meat broth. 


Our yeast extracts result from the natural fermentation process of cane sugar obtained from baker's yeast. They are rich in essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals and high-quality proteins and allergen-free. 


Discover our wide range of yeast extracts

SNICK EuroIngredients is the exclusive distributor of Biorigin yeast extracts in the Benelux. These single ingredients are suitable for all food sectors.

Make your choice from our extensive range or contact our food technologists to develop a customised product with yeast extracts.


Yeast extracts

Yeast extracts

We have a wide range of yeast extracts in various forms (liquid, paste, powder) and flavour profiles. With applications in stocks, soups, sauces, spreads, meat and bakery products.
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Yeast derivates

Yeast derivates

Yeast derivatives are inactive yeast products and are rich in natural beta-glucan, vitamins and minerals. Its neutral taste and high protein content are typical for these products. Due to its creamy texture, Goldcell is often used in pates and creams.

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Exclusive partner: 


SNICK EuroIngredients is the exclusive partner of Biorigin in the Benelux. This means that you can also contact us for small quantities of Yeastextracts.

All their yeast extracts contain the following characteristics:

Biorigin yeast benefits


Yeast extracts according to the wishes of your customer.

Are you looking for yeast extracts that meet the specific requirements or expectations of your customer? Our experienced team of food technologists knows what to do.

Tailor-made yeast extracts 

Are you unsure which yeast extract is best for your:

  • food product 
  •  composition 
  •  budget 

  • production process 
  • …?

Our food technologists will be happy to assist you in your choice.  

Keeping up with the latest trends

With our yeast extracts you respond to trends such as: 

  • low-salt  
  • vegetarian food 
  • natural products 
  • sustainability 

  • non-GMO 
  • clean label 
  • high protein content 

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