Sauces, soups and dressings: ingredients and blends

Sauces, soups and dressings are popular in every kitchen: you have endless variations and combinations of ingredients. Besides a delicious taste, your customer wants the sauce, soup or dressing to have a great appearance and long shelf-life. Our ingredients and blends will help you to achieve this.   

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Easy and full-flavoured 

With soup and sauces often the preparation methode largely affects the taste and appearance of your product.  

By combining culinary ingredients, such as stocks or broths and with functional ingredients, such as starches, you simplify your production process. This way you save time and money. Moreover, you can achieve the end product your consumer desires in no time: full of flavour, with sustainable raw materials, and very easily made.


Discover our extensive range for sauces, soups and dressings 

At SNICK EuroIngredients, we offer culinary and functional ingredients for a wide range of sauces, soups and dressings. 

Choose from our extensive range of single ingredients, blends and ready-to-use blends. Or contact our food technologists to develop a tailor-made product or optimise your existing product. You can also contact us for clean label alternatives, hot or cold production or a special production process. 

Sauces, soups and dressings completely to the taste of your consumer 

With single ingredients, ready-to-use mixes and customised products, your product meets specific requirements or expectations of your customer. Our experienced team of food technologists knows what to do. 

Customised ingredients 

We provide customised solutions based on: 

  • flavour profile 
  • colour 
  • viscosity 
  • preservation

  • declaration 
  • Nutri-Score improvement
  • allergens 
  • appearance

Have a new product developed

That is possible! Work with our food technologists. They add a touch of innovation to any sauce, soup or dressing, just the way you and your customers want it.  

 Get in touch soon. We would be happy to help you further. 

Trends and insights 

With our ingredients, you respond to trends such as: 

  • vegan food 

  •  natural products

  •  special taste sensations 

  • healthy alternatives

  • regional taste preferences 

  • clean label 

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