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Core Business SNICK EuroIngredients

SNICK EuroIngredients is a highly customer-oriented supplier and producer of high-quality culinary and functional ingredients, compounds and blends for the food industry in the Benelux since 1993. With 25 years of experience and a strong team of food technologists, we are able to offer creative, conceptual and innovative tailor-made solutions. SNICK EuroIngredients is part of the ACOMO group since 2009.

SNICK EuroIngredients‚Äč

  • Internationally active in import and export. 
  • Your specialist for sweet, savoury and functional ingredients.
  • We possess a profound, reliable and excellent product and market knowledge.
  • We collaborate with exclusive representatives of international certified producers, with whom we have formed a very close partnership for product development, marketing and sales. 
  • We will gladly assist you to select suitable ingredients that increase the added value of your product.
  • We regard quality as a top priority. Visit our quality page for more

Product development

  • Performing team of food technologists with a strong application knowlegde
  • Close collaboration with customers for tailor-made solutions
  • Continuous monitoring of the newest trends and raw materials.
  • Large input and knowledge transfer through an exclusive collaboration with our partners. 
  • We propose the right solution in terms of taste and functionality through our large range of ingredients, taking account of your production process, price, declaration,...  
  • Contact us for tailor-made product development.

Application lab

  • We have a state-of-the-art application lab where we can mimic most of your processes on a pilot scale. 
  • The application lab has pilot equipment for the meatconvenience and bakery industry.
  • New processes and product developments can be tested in our lab on a small scale before switching to a large-scale production test.         
  • In addition, we have access to the application center of Cargill Vilvoorde (all meat applications, emulsifiers, autoclaves, tabletisers,...).    
  • Contact us for more information.

Service and Flexibility

  • SNICK EuroIngredients stands for Service and Flexibility.
  • We possess a state-of-the-art production unit and can therefore produce, adapt and fine-tune your tailor-made wet and dry blends
  • We guarantee smooth and flexible logistics and short delivery terms due to our central location and our spacious warehouse
  • We foresee multiple training sessions and workshops for our clients on an annual basis. Contact us for specific training sessions by one of our food technologists or principals.