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Masters in taste and functionality since 1993 


Supplier and producer of high quality ingredients for the food industry 


In 1993, the well-experienced master in food & flavour technology Philippe Snick started his company from his far-famed garage. Today, the company is a leading supplier of solutions to the food industry in the Europe.

The company is housed in a modern industrial property with a state-ofthe-art blending facility, an impressive warehouse and a complete application & development centre.

SNICK EuroIngredients has been producing and supplying culinary and functional ingredients, wet and dry blends, and spice mixes of the highest quality.

Our experienced team of food technologists knows how to add a pinch of innovation to every food product. Do you need a tailor-made product, short lead time or customized service? Everything is negotiable. 

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What drives us?


Innovation, research and development are the driving forces behind SNICK EuroIngredients. We constantly monitor market trends and learn every day thanks to the exclusive collaborations with our partners. 


This is how we acquire in-depth knowledge and an eye for innovation, something that gives our customers the confidence that their food product is in good hands. After all, a partnership with SNICK EuroIngredients completely unburdens them. This is how we build long-term partnerships with all our customers. 

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What can SNICK do for your food company?

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Qualitative products

High-quality ingredients that add flavor and functionality to your food product? Find all the essential elements in our wide range of culinary and functional ingredients, wet and dry blends and spice mixes.

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Want to have a unique food product developed? Count on our food technologists. Together we will look for the right solution, taste and functionality tailored to your production process, budget, declaration and more. 

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Quality guaranteed 

We set the bar high for all our ingredients and productions. Find out how we guarantee the best quality with extensive experience, a safe production process and a wide collection of certificates. 


Part of the Acomo Group 


Since 2009, SNICK EuroIngredients has been part of Acomo, an international group food producers and suppliers active in more than 100 countries. The group buys, sells, handles, processes, packages and distributes products and ingredients for the food and beverage industry around the world - with food safety and sustainability as priorities. 

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