Add a pinch of innovation to your food product 

Exceed expectations with your food product. Add more flavor and increase the functionality with SNICK EuroIngredients' high-quality ingredients, blends and spice mixes. Together we will make your product succesful. 

Get more out of your food product:

High quality ingredients

Refine the taste and improve the functionality of your food product? Discover our extensive range of culinary and functional ingredients, wet and dry blends and spice mixes. 

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Product Development

Create a unique food product? Optimizing your product or production process? Count on our food technologists. Together we will look for the best solution that suits your needs.  

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Key areas of expertise 

Meat and fish 

Respond to your customer's changing needs and increase the quality and shelf life of your product and more.




Ready meals

Refine your ready meals: healthier, tastier and with improved functionality.





Sauces, soups and dressings

Create the product your customer wants: full of flavour, from sustainable ingredients and appetizing.




Plant-based & vegetarian 

Help your customer eat healthier and more sustainable with tasty meat substitutes and plant-based products with a full body. 



Masters in taste and functionality since 1993 

SNICK EuroIngredients has been adding a pinch of innovation to hundreds of producers in Europe since 1993. With our inspiring vision in culinary and functional ingredients, wet and dry blends and spice mixes of the highest quality, we help to future-proof your food business.