Seagarden: More focus on health and sustainability go side by side


In Food Leaders, experts share their views on macro trends in the food sector. This time we have Svein Jakobsen, Global Sales Director at Seagarden, a Norwegian producer of fish powders and collagen. These are supplements that have become increasingly popular due to their many health benefits. Seagarden is expanding its production capacity up to five times, but keeps focusing on sustainability.

More requirement for natural ingredients

We are all more aware of our nutrition and want it to be more sustainable and healthy. Norway's Seagarden, which produces powdered fish protein and collagen, is aware of this.

Why are fish protein and collagen so popular? Several clinical studies have proven the positive influence of fish protein on the metabolism. Collagen, on the other hand, is good for the strength and elasticity of the skin and also provides stronger bones and muscles.

"With our steam-drying process, we guarantee the best quality and preserve a maximum of taste and nutrients. The protein powder we produce in this process is therefore perfectly suitable for increasing the nutritional value of meals and specific types of food such as sports or baby food," says Svein Jakobsen.

"With our production process,

we guarantee the best quality and the preservation of maximum taste and nutrients."
- Svein Jakobsen, Global Sales Director Seagarden


Sustainability as a guide to growth and innovation

In anticipation of the increasing demand, Seagarden is building a new factory. Jakobsen: "We are installing a brand new spray dryer that will increase our production capacity from 1000 mt to 5000 mt annually."

Such an increase in quantity often has consequences for quality and principles such as sustainable production. But this is definitely not the situation at Seagarden. The Norwegian company is and will continue to be MSC certified: The fish they use comes from a sustainable fish source, where there is no over-fishing and enough fish remains in the sea to sustain the quantity.


Jakobsen: "We are determined to keep our MSC label. Thanks to sustainable fishing, we can guarantee not only that there will be enough fish in the future, but also that our employees and crew will keep their jobs. And - not unimportant - the quality of our products is maintained."

In addition, the company also invests in sustainability and health in research and development. For example, Seagarden examines how it can use even more of the fish and if there are still possible applications for the supplements.

Thanks to sustainable fishing, we can continue to maintain the fish population, employment and the quality of our products.


Healthy additives for food and cosmetics

Seagarden fish powders have many applications in food. Not only as seasoning for recipes, but also to strengthen the beneficial effect on health.

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