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The extensive range of starches & derivatives from Cargill meets the demand of producers in all sectors in the food industry. 

Native starch can be extracted from many vegetable origins. They are used for texture formation and bonding and are therefore applicable in several food industry applications. They can also be offered in an instant version. 

Modified starch. The most common type of starch modification is the treatment of native starch with small amounts of approved reagents. This can influence many properties of native starches, including their viscosity, gelatinization temperature, colloidal properties, freeze-thaw stability and resistance to acid and shear conditions.

Below, you can find a part of our range:

  • C☆Gel™: native starches
  • C☆Tex™: acetylated starches
  • C☆PolarTex™: hydroxypropyl starches
  • C☆StabiTex™: starch phosphates
  • C☆CreamTex™: modified tapioca starches
  • C☆Hiform™: spray-dried starches
  • C☆Emtex: emulsifying starches
  • C☆Pulptex: starch for extra pulpy effect

Furthermore, our range is complemented with some 'speciality starches' with special characteristics. 

Spray-dried glucose/maltodextrin: Maltodextrins and dried glucose syrup are being created while converting starches to dextrose. These products are mainly applied as 'bulking agents' to add dry substances in several food applications. 

Below, you can find a part of our range:

  • C☆DEX™: dextrose
  • C☆DRY GL™: glucose syrup powder
  • C☆DRY MD™: maltodextrin powder