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Sweet is one of the five basic flavours perceived by human beings. SNICK EuroIngredients focuses maximally on sugars that can provide a functional added value to your products in the confectionery, beer, beverage, dairy, ice cream, bakery and meet industry and in the ready-to-use meal sector.


C☆Dex™ dextrose from Cargill is an essential ingredient in many beverage and food applications for its functional, sensorial and nutritional characteristics. 

Natural dextroses 

SNICK EuroIngredients
 is the exclusive distributor of natural dextroses from Naturalia Ingredients. They have an international patented production process in which they extract dextrose directly from grapes and dates. Hereby, a unique, natural and unrefined sugar or sugarmixture with unique functional and sensorial characteristics is being obtained. 

  • DEXTRO grape: grape dextrose 
  • FRUCTO grape: grape fructose
  • CRYSTAL grape: grape dextrose, grape fructose
  • CRYSTAL date: date dextrose, date fructose
  • MUST grape: liquid dextrose