Enhance flavour with the Clean Label Meat Optimiser


Clean Label Meat Optimiser

Our clean label Meat Optimiser is an essential ingredient for a juicier flavour and texture in your applications. The Meat Optimiser is suitable as a seasoning in all kinds of meat products and has many advantages. It gives more taste to your meat, makes it more tender and juicy and reduces moisture loss while cooking, baking, roasting or frying. You can easily add the Meat Optimiser through tumbling or injection.


10 reasons why

  1. Juicier structure
  2. More tender meat
  3. Faster Maillard reactions
  4. Taste booster - Umami
  5. Clean label
  6. Phosphate replacer
  7. Non-GMO
  8. MSG-free
  9. Allergen free
  10. Reduced process loss

Meat Optimiser in chicken, pork and beef






We would like to present you some meat products with our Meat Optimiser.
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